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I've been Questioning Streetart since 2003. —Question Josh

Graffitication X Question Josh

An essential part of the street art movement, stickers often act as a quick and effective promotional tool for artists of all stripes. Getting up with fellow sticker artists from all over the world is part and parcel to this culture. As more and more stickers are placed around major cities, interest in the artists behind this small art form keeps growing. One stand out sticker artist, whose work can be seen on just about any given street corner on the planet is Question Josh, an east coaster, who moved out west in search of design, animation and sunny beaches.

Question Josh and I first met each other over a decade ago, during a time when I was heavily involved with stickers. There was a group of international artists (sticker kids) constantly creating and trading hand drawn as well as printed stickers. The internet was our mode of communication, as the postal service was our means for physical exchange. Question Josh was, and still is, one of my all-time favorite sticker artists. It soon became clear to me that our efforts must extend beyond a simple exchange of sticky products. My PINK CADDY was born and he became the first artist to collaborate with me and go behind the wheel. This original sticker went on to become highly sought after and was featured as an actual sticker on the printed pages of PEEL magazine. Just recently, to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of our pink caddy collaboration, we decided to create a new and improved artwork titled, FEAR and LOATHING (see inset photo above). The road ahead will never be the same.

Question Josh and I have worked on numerous projects over the years and has become an artist that I come back to, time and time again, whenever opportunities cross my path. I am always delighted to see his work featured in print, the internet and on television and look forward to more from this amazing talent. Check out his new NYC men's crew neck (pictured above) recently featured in our streetwear line up. To see more of Question Josh's work, visit his website —and prepare to be blown away.

Para el Corazón

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I’m an Illustrator and I’m a Photo Editor. Rarely do the two worlds ever collide. —David Cooper

Graffitication X David Cooper

I first met David Cooper in 2009 at an annual room-opening party at the Carlton Arms Hotel, one of New York's most remarkable and under-celebrated bohemian art enclaves. He had recently completed an amazing character installation in room 9A, in collaboration with photographers James and Karla Murray. The work was organic, bold and vibrant. The guitar players he created on the walls, were intense, menacing and dramatic. David, in contrast, was mild mannered, humble and gracious. I knew right then and there, that I wanted to work with him. It didn't take long for our first opportunity to arrive.

A native of Brooklyn, David graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Communications design and began his career with assignments in the editorial illustration and children book markets. He is currently the Photo Editor at Siempre Mujer Magazine, where his winning talents have helped build a strong visual identity for the magazine. Siempre Mujer is consistently named one of the top ten Hispanic magazines in the United States and has won AdWeeks Hot List 2011 women's category.

A loving husband, an attentive new father and an all around good guy, David still finds the time to paint murals, canvases and to lend a helping hand wherever he can. It is in between these busy spaces, where David and I manage to come together and work on fun projects. Our first collaboration in 2009, Mom&Popism was a runaway success and later became a book, published by Gingko Press. Never one to shy away from crazy ideas, we have continued to come together year after year. From Eames Inspiration, Art of Basketball, Sprite LeBron and Pongtopia, to ONE Lust for Life and now, Graffitication, David has never wavered in commitment to the concept, nor failed to deliver his very best. Graffitication is so pleased to have him in the lineup. To see more of David's work, visit his website.

Everything but the Whole Story

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“If I can’t make it into the studio early in the day, I get there eventually – even if it’s after I put the kids to bed. And I’ll work until 2 or 3 am. I pretty much work from morning until morning”. —Joe Iurato


Joe and I first met back in 2010. I was co-curating an exhibition with Luna Park featuring the famous Ray and Charles Eames molded plywood chair for Operation Design and Barneys New York. Luna was the first to bring Joe’s work to my attention and I instantly fell in love with his imaginative art and charming personality. Our first collaboration together, Joe's Eames chair, instantly became the centerpiece of our exhibition and was the featured artwork in all of our press materials and communications. Simply said, Joe beautifully captured the intent of the Eames concept and a deep respect for the famed designers (see inset photo above).

Joe and I have since worked on numerous projects over the years. He has become an artist that I come back to, time and time again, whenever new opportunities come to my table. We have several groundbreaking exhibitions under our belt and singular artworks created for brands such as the NBA, Sprite, and Brookfield Properties, to name a few. His tremendous output in recent years and site-specific wood cutouts have catapulted him into the, much deserved, limelight. His unstoppable talent, and grounded perspective, have caught wind in his sails and the future looms bright for this amazing artist.

His upcoming solo exhibition opening tonight in Montreal, Everything but the Whole Story, could have not come at a better time for Joe. All of his hard work, over the past years, is now paying ample dividends and his passion will undoubtedly lead to a promising career. I am delighted to see his star continually rise and am proud to call him a friend and collaborator. Not to mention, to see his artwork featured in our streetwear line up. To see more of Joe's work, visit his website —and, look out for Joe's "Urban Myth" Men's Crew Neck coming out next week. CHEERS!

Entre La Guardia y El Dorado

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"My intent is to give new meaning to news that is generally discarded at the end of each day. I am interested in preserving memories". —Lorenzo Masnah

Bogota native and fellow Colombian Lorenzo Masnah is one talented brother from another mother. I’m a huge fan—and a proud owner of some of his artwork, including the piece, On 4, featured on our women’s tank top and crew neck tee (pictured below). I purchased the artwork back in 2013 at his solo exhibition titled, Third World Pages, at Fuse Gallery NYC. I have followed his work and collaborations for many years and I'm always thrilled to see new pieces when he is in town. Go see for yourself at XY Atelier opening tomorrow.


Entre La Guardia y El Dorado
August 20th - August 30th
XY Atelier 81 Hester Street New York, NY 10002

For Lorenzo Masnah and Alex Seel, nothing disappears in the city; we are exposed to everything and decide what we want to notice. Lorenzo Masnah, Colombian born, visual artist, working in New York for the past decade, recycles various archives from daily life, in order to bind them together again, giving a second chance to a piece of printed news or wooden scraps. These memories that cannot be forgotten gain new meanings. In this spirit, Alex Seel, Brooklyn based photographer captures the many unseen faces of the organism called “city” that is often forgotten, that is the future, and that we aspire to nurture because it provides our identity. At 2,600 meters closer to the sun is Bogotá, the Muisca people,called it Bacatá long before the Spanish conquered it, globalization has turned Bogotá into an exotic destination. As new tourists appear, the people who live and work in the street continue to appear and disappear. Artists transform the chaos of this city with their cultural resistance and feel at home in every corner. The crossing of established social hierarchies allowed these two artists to experience and understand the diversity of life in the city. They find beauty and distortion in the city and beyond one urban center, Alex and Lorenzo still keep this experience alive elsewhere. How is it over there? It’s the same: the street hustle, the worker, the authority, the persistent youth, the families, the people that wake up with the city and never go to sleep. “The sun never leaves us, the fruit is always growing, the one percent controls the game, so the poor are poorer than ever, it’s the third world, but people still live their lives and it doesn’t take money to find a smile”.

Shiro is my Hero

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Afro Kiss by Shiro — This Womens Crew Neck Rules.

I met Shiro in August of 2009 at a Gawker Media exhibition that I curated entitled, MOM & POPism. It celebrated James and Karla Murray’s epic photography book, Store Front - The Disappearing Face of New York. Shiro was there for the action (see inset photo below). Like everyone who crosses her path in life, I immediately fell in love with her charm and unstoppable talent. A true master of the aerosol spray can, her vibrant, playful aesthetic and peaceful disposition are sure to brighten your day. She is easy to work with and I always find myself eager to collaborate with her on projects whenever she passes through NYC.

Shiro was born in Japan but is a true citizen of the world. Her output of colossal murals across the world is unequaled and her devotion to graffiti has afforded her the opportunity to work with many of the biggest contemporary urban masters. A living, breathing graffiti diplomat, Shiro is always expressing her vision and passion for life through her original characters. She is inspired by the strength and creativity of old-school Hip Hop. She has worked as a nurse for over 12 years and has witnessed a lot of drama. Medical experiences in the field have changed her perspective in life and she aims to express her message through her artwork.  She loves traveling, painting, making friends and leaving footsteps of her existence all over the world. Graffitication is honored to have Shiro in its lineup. Visit her website to see more from her travels.


Robots Will Definitely Kill

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RWK Was Here by ChrisRWK— Our Mens Crew Neck Drops Today.

ChrisRWK and I met back in 2006 at the height of the sticker craze—long before Facebook and Instagram. Both of us are sticker aficionados and have traded sticky loot with some of the biggest sticker junkies in the world. Our first collaboration, in fact, was a sticker and it became one of the most sought after trades in sticker culture (See inset photo below). ChrisRWK and I have been collaborating ever since in group exhibitions, charity events and other creative projects. It has been my pleasure to see this talented artists grow, in both popularity and skill over this past decade and I look forward to future collaborations.

ChrisRWK, who is from Staten Island, specializes in cartoons and comic art. He grew up in the 80s and was influenced by television, comic books, music, and movies. Those early memories inspire him to create his art in what he calls his "mental journal". ChrisRWK's paintings frequently cite past conceptions of popular culture embedded in his psyche's cache. He believes that the notions within his pieces serve as a backbone to the many stories created by the onlooker when viewing his paintings. Over the years, his imagery has become quickly identifiable and familiar to many. Graffitication is honored to have ChrisRWK in its lineup. Visit his website to see more.


We All Scream for Ice Cream

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Summer's Over by Skewville — Our Mens Crew Neck Drops Tomorrow.

Skewville, the twin brothers that make up this street art collaboration, began leaving behind their silk screen sneaker cutouts, tossed over telephone lines, back in 1999. Silhouettes of the wooden shoes have been a common sight throughout the city and around the world ever since. Known for their warped sense of irony and humor, Ad and Droo have established Skewville with a specific style of lettering, abstract figures and cityscapes that are instantly recognizable by Street Art fans everywhere. Skewville continues to expand their horizons with sculptural installations made up of industrial materials fished out of dumpsters that can be found on the streets of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. More recently, they have developed their fine art practice using their distinctive vocabulary and have participated in numerous, well documented, gallery solo and group exhibitions. We are honored to have Skewville in our lineup. Visit their website to see what's up.

Dope2 Cope2

Billi Kid

Cope by Cope2 — Our Mens Crew Neck Drops This Friday, July 10, 2015.

Cope2 is a self-taught artist and a celebrated figure in the graffiti art culture. One of New York City’s most legendary graffiti artists, he began tagging his name in the South Bronx in 1978. He developed his style in the subways and streets of the Bronx throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s—achieving international recognition for his distinctive style. More recently, Cope2 has been commissioned by Time Magazine, Converse and Adidas. He has also worked with Steiner Sports collaborating with Derek Jeter in producing graffiti NBL memorabilia. His work has even crossed into the virtual realm with appearances in video games such as Getting up and Grand Theft Auto IV. Now, you can catch Cope2 in the studio, bringing his raw energy into abstract masterpieces, intertwined with his trademark bubble letters and tags on canvases. We are honored to have him in our lineup of talented artists. Visit his website to see more.

The Dynamic Duo

StreetwearBilli Kid

The internationally known dynamic duo, URNY, whose mission is to inspire creativity amongst the youth through their work, has created this collector’s edition racerback tank top with the same passion and artistry that has brought them success time after time. When they are not brainstorming and experimenting in their studio, they travel in the name of artistic philanthropy, reaching out and exposing the youth of various cultures to graffiti and self expression. Visit URNY to see some amazing work.

Graffitication X URNY

Vertical Archipelago

Billi Kid

Last Saturday, June 20, Graffitication had the pleasure of collaborating with curators Ché Morales and Natasha Estefan for the opening of Vertical Archipelago. A very special solo exhibition by the very talented graffiti artist, Cern. Graffitication was at hand for the entire evening with our Ergonomic Evolution women's tank tops and men's crew neck t-shirts. Sales and drinks were flowing all evening. The Exhibition is on view thru July 20, 2015. Definitely stop by 26-19 Jackson Avenue — Long Island City, NY 1110 to see Cern's amazing work in person. @Cernesto @wanderlustflaneur @nautigram #InstantGraffitication #NYC


Instant Graffitication

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Rozalinda Uhl and Shannon Holloway for Graffitication