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I’m an Illustrator and I’m a Photo Editor. Rarely do the two worlds ever collide. —David Cooper

Graffitication X David Cooper

I first met David Cooper in 2009 at an annual room-opening party at the Carlton Arms Hotel, one of New York's most remarkable and under-celebrated bohemian art enclaves. He had recently completed an amazing character installation in room 9A, in collaboration with photographers James and Karla Murray. The work was organic, bold and vibrant. The guitar players he created on the walls, were intense, menacing and dramatic. David, in contrast, was mild mannered, humble and gracious. I knew right then and there, that I wanted to work with him. It didn't take long for our first opportunity to arrive.

A native of Brooklyn, David graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Communications design and began his career with assignments in the editorial illustration and children book markets. He is currently the Photo Editor at Siempre Mujer Magazine, where his winning talents have helped build a strong visual identity for the magazine. Siempre Mujer is consistently named one of the top ten Hispanic magazines in the United States and has won AdWeeks Hot List 2011 women's category.

A loving husband, an attentive new father and an all around good guy, David still finds the time to paint murals, canvases and to lend a helping hand wherever he can. It is in between these busy spaces, where David and I manage to come together and work on fun projects. Our first collaboration in 2009, Mom&Popism was a runaway success and later became a book, published by Gingko Press. Never one to shy away from crazy ideas, we have continued to come together year after year. From Eames Inspiration, Art of Basketball, Sprite LeBron and Pongtopia, to ONE Lust for Life and now, Graffitication, David has never wavered in commitment to the concept, nor failed to deliver his very best. Graffitication is so pleased to have him in the lineup. To see more of David's work, visit his website.