Shiro is my Hero

Billi Kid

Afro Kiss by Shiro — This Womens Crew Neck Rules.

I met Shiro in August of 2009 at a Gawker Media exhibition that I curated entitled, MOM & POPism. It celebrated James and Karla Murray’s epic photography book, Store Front - The Disappearing Face of New York. Shiro was there for the action (see inset photo below). Like everyone who crosses her path in life, I immediately fell in love with her charm and unstoppable talent. A true master of the aerosol spray can, her vibrant, playful aesthetic and peaceful disposition are sure to brighten your day. She is easy to work with and I always find myself eager to collaborate with her on projects whenever she passes through NYC.

Shiro was born in Japan but is a true citizen of the world. Her output of colossal murals across the world is unequaled and her devotion to graffiti has afforded her the opportunity to work with many of the biggest contemporary urban masters. A living, breathing graffiti diplomat, Shiro is always expressing her vision and passion for life through her original characters. She is inspired by the strength and creativity of old-school Hip Hop. She has worked as a nurse for over 12 years and has witnessed a lot of drama. Medical experiences in the field have changed her perspective in life and she aims to express her message through her artwork.  She loves traveling, painting, making friends and leaving footsteps of her existence all over the world. Graffitication is honored to have Shiro in its lineup. Visit her website to see more from her travels.