We All Scream for Ice Cream

Billi Kid

Summer's Over by Skewville — Our Mens Crew Neck Drops Tomorrow.

Skewville, the twin brothers that make up this street art collaboration, began leaving behind their silk screen sneaker cutouts, tossed over telephone lines, back in 1999. Silhouettes of the wooden shoes have been a common sight throughout the city and around the world ever since. Known for their warped sense of irony and humor, Ad and Droo have established Skewville with a specific style of lettering, abstract figures and cityscapes that are instantly recognizable by Street Art fans everywhere. Skewville continues to expand their horizons with sculptural installations made up of industrial materials fished out of dumpsters that can be found on the streets of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. More recently, they have developed their fine art practice using their distinctive vocabulary and have participated in numerous, well documented, gallery solo and group exhibitions. We are honored to have Skewville in our lineup. Visit their website to see what's up.