Entre La Guardia y El Dorado

Billi Kid

"My intent is to give new meaning to news that is generally discarded at the end of each day. I am interested in preserving memories". —Lorenzo Masnah

Bogota native and fellow Colombian Lorenzo Masnah is one talented brother from another mother. I’m a huge fan—and a proud owner of some of his artwork, including the piece, On 4, featured on our women’s tank top and crew neck tee (pictured below). I purchased the artwork back in 2013 at his solo exhibition titled, Third World Pages, at Fuse Gallery NYC. I have followed his work and collaborations for many years and I'm always thrilled to see new pieces when he is in town. Go see for yourself at XY Atelier opening tomorrow.


Entre La Guardia y El Dorado
August 20th - August 30th
XY Atelier 81 Hester Street New York, NY 10002

For Lorenzo Masnah and Alex Seel, nothing disappears in the city; we are exposed to everything and decide what we want to notice. Lorenzo Masnah, Colombian born, visual artist, working in New York for the past decade, recycles various archives from daily life, in order to bind them together again, giving a second chance to a piece of printed news or wooden scraps. These memories that cannot be forgotten gain new meanings. In this spirit, Alex Seel, Brooklyn based photographer captures the many unseen faces of the organism called “city” that is often forgotten, that is the future, and that we aspire to nurture because it provides our identity. At 2,600 meters closer to the sun is Bogotá, the Muisca people,called it Bacatá long before the Spanish conquered it, globalization has turned Bogotá into an exotic destination. As new tourists appear, the people who live and work in the street continue to appear and disappear. Artists transform the chaos of this city with their cultural resistance and feel at home in every corner. The crossing of established social hierarchies allowed these two artists to experience and understand the diversity of life in the city. They find beauty and distortion in the city and beyond one urban center, Alex and Lorenzo still keep this experience alive elsewhere. How is it over there? It’s the same: the street hustle, the worker, the authority, the persistent youth, the families, the people that wake up with the city and never go to sleep. “The sun never leaves us, the fruit is always growing, the one percent controls the game, so the poor are poorer than ever, it’s the third world, but people still live their lives and it doesn’t take money to find a smile”.