Everything but the Whole Story

Billi Kid

“If I can’t make it into the studio early in the day, I get there eventually – even if it’s after I put the kids to bed. And I’ll work until 2 or 3 am. I pretty much work from morning until morning”. —Joe Iurato


Joe and I first met back in 2010. I was co-curating an exhibition with Luna Park featuring the famous Ray and Charles Eames molded plywood chair for Operation Design and Barneys New York. Luna was the first to bring Joe’s work to my attention and I instantly fell in love with his imaginative art and charming personality. Our first collaboration together, Joe's Eames chair, instantly became the centerpiece of our exhibition and was the featured artwork in all of our press materials and communications. Simply said, Joe beautifully captured the intent of the Eames concept and a deep respect for the famed designers (see inset photo above).

Joe and I have since worked on numerous projects over the years. He has become an artist that I come back to, time and time again, whenever new opportunities come to my table. We have several groundbreaking exhibitions under our belt and singular artworks created for brands such as the NBA, Sprite, and Brookfield Properties, to name a few. His tremendous output in recent years and site-specific wood cutouts have catapulted him into the, much deserved, limelight. His unstoppable talent, and grounded perspective, have caught wind in his sails and the future looms bright for this amazing artist.

His upcoming solo exhibition opening tonight in Montreal, Everything but the Whole Story, could have not come at a better time for Joe. All of his hard work, over the past years, is now paying ample dividends and his passion will undoubtedly lead to a promising career. I am delighted to see his star continually rise and am proud to call him a friend and collaborator. Not to mention, to see his artwork featured in our streetwear line up. To see more of Joe's work, visit his website —and, look out for Joe's "Urban Myth" Men's Crew Neck coming out next week. CHEERS!