NYC by Question Josh

Billi Kid

I've been Questioning Streetart since 2003. —Question Josh

Graffitication X Question Josh

An essential part of the street art movement, stickers often act as a quick and effective promotional tool for artists of all stripes. Getting up with fellow sticker artists from all over the world is part and parcel to this culture. As more and more stickers are placed around major cities, interest in the artists behind this small art form keeps growing. One stand out sticker artist, whose work can be seen on just about any given street corner on the planet is Question Josh, an east coaster, who moved out west in search of design, animation and sunny beaches.

Question Josh and I first met each other over a decade ago, during a time when I was heavily involved with stickers. There was a group of international artists (sticker kids) constantly creating and trading hand drawn as well as printed stickers. The internet was our mode of communication, as the postal service was our means for physical exchange. Question Josh was, and still is, one of my all-time favorite sticker artists. It soon became clear to me that our efforts must extend beyond a simple exchange of sticky products. My PINK CADDY was born and he became the first artist to collaborate with me and go behind the wheel. This original sticker went on to become highly sought after and was featured as an actual sticker on the printed pages of PEEL magazine. Just recently, to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of our pink caddy collaboration, we decided to create a new and improved artwork titled, FEAR and LOATHING (see inset photo above). The road ahead will never be the same.

Question Josh and I have worked on numerous projects over the years and has become an artist that I come back to, time and time again, whenever opportunities cross my path. I am always delighted to see his work featured in print, the internet and on television and look forward to more from this amazing talent. Check out his new NYC men's crew neck (pictured above) recently featured in our streetwear line up. To see more of Question Josh's work, visit his website —and prepare to be blown away.